Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Worker protection on the job should be a priority as they play an important role in society – often as the backbone of industry and breadwinners in their households. This type of insurance provides cash and/or health benefits to workers who might suffer injury or illness as a direct result of their jobs.


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How We Can Protect Your Business

Make sure you are covered in all areas of your business. At WHA we have highly experienced agents that can help guide you to ensure you have the right cover, at the best rates possible.

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How We Can Help You

Whether at work, home or on the road we cooperate with our clients on a common goal – excellent service.

More Than Just Agents

At WHA, we are much more than Workers’ Compensation agents, we are active participants in our clients’ safety cultures, and we are committed to listening to your concerns and exploring options and solutions that are tailored to your specific wants and needs. From attending your safety committee meetings and analyzing loss trends to assisting with problem claims and Return to Work, WHA will be your valuable partner in ensuring the ongoing health and safety of your employees.

Specialized Protection For You

We focus on risk management areas that are important to you. Among our 52 employees are 37 licensed Agents, 7 licensed Consultants, 2 Risk Managers, with an ARM degree and one with a master’s degree in Industrial Hygiene and Safety, and a Certified Insurance Counselor.

Experience That Benefits You!

By recruiting Workers’ Compensation professionals with backgrounds in Loss Prevention and Control, Return to Work, Claims Management, Premium Audit, Risk Management, Industrial Hygiene, and Underwriting, WHA has spent the last several decades cultivating a well-rounded team with a seamless approach to service.

Responsive and Reliable

Your WHA team will regularly visit with you to review routine matters, as well as respond on-site as needed for emergencies or claims. You can contact a member of our team at any time through our toll-free number or team member cell phones. We deliver on our promises and implement Best Practices
Insurance Problem

Is This Your Problem Right Now?

Unsatisfactory Settlements
There is nothing worse than finding out that your insurance policy does not actually cover what you thought it did! At WHA, we will make sure you know what coverage you have and that all your needs will be met up front.
Delays In Claims
We know that losses need to be covered as quickly as possible for everyone to continue with their lives. WHA will ensure that your claims are dealt with immediately so that you can have peace of mind.
Poor Service
There is no need to stick with insurers who take forever to get back to you! Our agents at WHA are always on standby to help educate you on the coverage and services you have 24-7.

Our Awards

At WHA, we strive to deliver unparalleled customer service. One of the ways we work to reach this goal is through public service and community involvement. As active members in the community, WHA and our staff have earned a number of acknowledgements for efforts going above and beyond.

Meet The Team

WHA conducts insurance business in 48 states, with over 40 licensed agents who are each trained to specialize in a specific type of coverage. Our team can meet almost any insurance or risk management need you may encounter.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our values are based in passion, commitment, loyalty,  leadership and above all, service. We aim to lead our industry by providing professional services that help our clients manage and protect their assets.


How it Works


Contact An Agent

Insurance can be confusing. Let our agents help guide you through the process. We’ll have an open and honest conversation about the protection you need for your specific circumstances. Get in touch today.

Get a Quote

Once you tell us a little bit about your circumstances, we’ll get to work finding you the best coverage at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a homeowners policy or a commercial business package, we have agents who are specialized in specific industries ready to go to work


Bind Your Quote

Once you receive your quote, if you’re happy with the policy and price, all you need to do is accept its terms and provide payment. Our agents and service team are here to guide you through the process. Let us know what we can do to help today.


Benefits Of Being With WHA

Quick And Easy Quoting
Our agents are one call away to get you started. They will find the best quotes for you fast, so that you can have peace of mind.
Lowest Rates Possible
To control overall insurance costs to the organization, WHA implements a continuous review and assessment process focused on the minimization of losses and related premium costs. Our clients hold some of the lowest loss ratios in the industry!
Active Support Team
WHA has specialists who are highly responsive and will regularly visit with you to review routine matters, as well as respond on-site as needed for emergencies or claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workers’ compensation insurance helps pay for medical expenses and partial lost wages resulting from a work-related injury or illness. In the event of a fatality, it also pays death benefits.

Workers’ compensation insurance can help protect your business and employees in the event of a loss, but some situations take place on the job that are not covered. These vary from state to state. Examples of things not covered include: injuries caused by intoxication, injuries claimed after a fight at the workplace or after being laid off, injuries from company policy violations, emotional trauma from the workplace, or wages for a replacement worker.

In most states, any employer with one or more employees is required to carry workers compensation insurance. Large employers may insure themselves, but they must apply with their state and meet strict self-insurance requirements.

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