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Managing claims costs is the key to lowering insurance expenses. Our clients hold some of the lowest loss ratios in the industry because we are aggressive in loss control, thereby preventing claims. WHA believes that safety education and emphasis on Safety Committee activities produces significant benefits to the District from a financial and cultural perspective. We work directly with the insurance carrier on their claims handling, monitor and review reserves, and provide status reports to keep all parties involved and informed. Providing claims oversight to reduce costs and move claims to closure in a consistent manner, as well as to provide technical expertise and personal service. Some of our workers’ compensation claims services include: • Loss Run Analysis • Claims Monitoring • Reserve Analysis • Detailed Status Reports • Facilitation of Claims Reviews • Attend Broker / Employer / Carrier Meeting
Safety committee attendance, integration, management, guidance, and training

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To control overall insurance costs to the organization, WHA implements a continuous review and assessment focused on the minimization of losses and related premium costs. Action Item / Description: Occurence Daily Claim Occurrence Identification (ECIR); Monthly Loss Ratio Monitoring Monthly Claims Coordinator- Betty Berry; Facilitate Communications Between District and SAIF; Class Code Review; Experience Modifier Examination; Annual Market Analysis; Analysis & Recommendation of Plan Types; Unit Stat Review; Nondisabling Claims Reimbursement Annual Evaluation; Self-Insurance Feasibility Study; Participate in Open Claims Reviews; Management/Employee Training; Safety Inspections & Committee Assistance

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