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Business & Commercial Solutions
Workers’ Compensation
Employee Benefits
Personal Insurance
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The Right Cover For You!

WHA offers excellent customer service, collaborative solutions to your insurance needs, and access to highly-trained agents who are on call to help you whenever needed.



How We Can Help You

Whether at work, home or on the road we cooperate with our clients on a common goal – excellent service.

How We Can Help You

When it comes to business insurance, we work hand-in-hand with your managers - offering them training and mentorship in all aspects of employee management, so that they can enforce policies and procedures consistently.

Cost-Efficient Bonding

Need a quick and efficient security solution when it comes to contractual obligations? With over 50-years of experience in writing bonds for businesses and individuals, WHA can help you determine what you need in your unique circumstances.

Go Above And Beyond

At WHA, we are much more than Workers Compensation agents, we are active participants in our clients’ safety cultures, from attending your safety committee meetings and analyzing loss trends, to assisting with problem claims.

Overcome Costly Business Risks

Property damage, legal claims and business interruptions can have a serious impact on your day-to-day operations. WHA can advise you on the protection you need to help you stay up and running.
Insurance Problem

Is This Your Problem Right Now?

Slow Claims Handling
Frustrated that claims take forever to be processed by your insurer or have you found yourself underinsured? At WHA, we will make sure you have access to the right plans for your needs! We have 24-hour emergency claims support and offer full-service claims management that’s fast and efficient.
Expensive Premiums
Are your premiums ridiculously high? We will work with you to make sure that all the right factors are considered in your specific circumstances so that you will never pay more than you need to.
Difficulty Managing Policies?
No idea what is going on with your portfolio? We have the solution! Our clients love our fast and easily accessible client portal where they can get all the info they need just by logging in.

Our Awards

At WHA, we strive to deliver unparalleled customer service. One of the ways we work to reach this goal is through public service and community involvement. As active members in the community, WHA and our staff have earned a number of acknowledgements for efforts going above and beyond.

Meet The Team

 WHA is able to conduct insurance business in 48 states, with over 40 licensed agents who are each trained to specialize in a specific type of coverage. Our team can meet almost any insurance or risk management need you may encounter.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our values are based in passion, commitment, loyalty,  leadership and above all, service. We aim to lead our industry by providing professional services that help our clients manage and protect their assets.


How it Works

Reach Out To Us

Take the first step to receiving high-quality insurance products that keep you protected by reaching out to one of our agents! We will have an open and honest conversation about how we can help you in your specific circumstances.

Get A Quote

The next step after you have chatted to an agent and know what you are looking for, is to get a free quote! We will find you the most comparative rates fast.

Sign Up

Once you have got a quote and you accept we will sign you up and you will have exclusive access to our client portal as well as our agents on call 24/7.


Why You Should Choose WHA

Unmatched Customer Care
Our service approach doesn’t end at placing your insurance coverage. Our agents are standing by to help educate you on the coverages and services you have in a straightforward and honest manner, partnering with you to meet your goals.
Flexible And Affordable Plans
With a variety of customizable and affordable plans, tailored for flexibility, our agents can help you determine what’s best for your business.
Experienced Agents
Each of our licensed agents and consultants are singularly focused on the needs of one of the 14 industries, which means that all clients are serviced by a specialist who has devoted their time and training to targeted areas of risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Protecting your business should be your number one priority! Things like property damage, lawsuits and lost business income could cripple your company if you are not covered.

This type of insurance provides cash and/or health benefits to workers who might suffer injury or illness as a direct result of their jobs. If you are an employer you will need to make sure that your employees are covered. 

Manufacturing insurance is essential so that you can run your business smoothly. It provides coverage for things like property damage, legal claims and downtime due to breakdowns.

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