About Us

At Wilson Heirgood Associates (WHA), we pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and our stellar history of over 50 years in business. WHA was established as an all-lines insurance agency in 1950 and then later in the ‘80s, when we adopted our specialized take on insurance, with licensed agents and consultants whose purpose is to focus singularly on specific industries. During this period, we also developed a separate risk management company – Alexander & Alexander. Today we are licensed to conduct insurance business in 48 states, with over 40 licensed agents who are each uniquely trained to specialize in a specific type of coverage. Combined, our team can meet almost any insurance and risk management needs you may encounter.
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Mission Statement

 At WHA our passion and commitment starts with service. Our mission is to be the leader in our industry by providing professional service from experienced agents that help our clients manage and protect their assets in the best way possible, at the lowest cost. We believe that we can best serve you through our thorough understanding of both our industry and yours.


Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to serve our clients with passion toward their risk and insurance needs as responsive, knowledgeable, and professional partners. To work in harmony with our providers, developing the highest level of trust and respect through open, thorough, timely, and professional communications. To lead in product knowledge, development, and services that make each specialist into passionate and preeminent professional performers. To develop careers that inspire, motivate, and fulfill our team of well-rounded professionals and community members.

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Our Values

The words and phrases that we value: Accountable, Generous, Passion, Positive, Authentic, Precise, Hard Work, Team, Professional, Confident, Innovative, Tolerant, Loyalty, Ethical, Insightful, Patience, Transparent, Exceeding Expectations, Commitment, Integrous, Persistent, Consistency, Experienced, Leadership, Open Minded and Personable.

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